School Staffing Solutions

Schools seeking therapy staffing solutions trust GILLEM STAFFING (GS) to cost effectively fill their positions with the most qualified therapists available.

GS strives to provide school districts with the best speech language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists, physical therapists, school psychologists and nurses available to assist in providing services to schools who have vacant positions.  We strive to provide professional services in a timely cost efficient method while allowing the therapists to earn a higher hourly rate as opposed to being an employee of the school district.

It is our goal to provide speech-language pathology services including, but not limited to, prevention, screening, consultation, assessment and diagnosis, treatment, intervention, management, and follow-up services for disorders that adversely affect the child’s educational performance in areas of communication, articulation, voice, fluency, and swallowing.  Services include practices listed in the scope of practice with an emphasis on treatment of students, assessments, writing reports of assessment data, writing of goals and objectives, IEP staffings deemed necessary, collaboration with other professionals and parents, district paper work, therapy planning, screening, and documentation.

We established a set of core values that place excellent services as a priority, along with the service and support we give to our therapists who daily touch the lives of children.

Our core values are

  • Integrity
  • Caring
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Doing Things Right

GS and therapists understand the importance of taking time to plan therapy sessions and collaborate with other team members to ensure the best therapy possible. A planning time used to prepare for therapy is allowed each day. This time is allowed to ensure the therapist is well prepared to service the students and provide the best therapy possible. Time is allotted for the therapist to be a part of IEP staffings, collaboration with other professionals, preparation of IEPs, scoring tests, and paperwork. Due to the unpredictable schedule of staffings and IEP preparation this time may or may not be needed each day.

Therapists hired by GS have shown to have a degree in or related to the area of their therapy discipline. They also have or have applied for their state licensure to work in the schools as a minimum requirement. Most of the therapists have their national certifications.